Friday, May 4, 2012

Just a typical day on the farm.

The horses see a visitor riding up from the forest preserve, Tylia is the only interested one.
My Bodyguard. nuff said.
Tom is the only one eating hay, he lathered himself up in a limestone mud bath to protect himself from the flies.
Brant and Rosie and Cinnamon, I think.
Killer Kitty on mouse patrol.  Kudos to you Frankie, you have done a wonderful job!!
Weed wackers at work.
Tylia found her new love in Dynamite, I keep trying to break the news to her that he's gay but she so loves him.  HMMMM
Okay not cool!! these are ornamental grasses.
More weed wackin
Get a clue Tylia!
Now this one was funny, not sure if Tylia ever wore a fly mask.  She flipped out when she looked at Tom and Dynamite . Had no clue who they were with masks on.
Really guys!!

Hailey the goat wrangler

Hailey the goat wrangler

the "helicopters" from the Maple trees were to enticing so we had to send in "Hailey the Goat Wrangler"