Friday, May 4, 2012

Just a typical day on the farm.

The horses see a visitor riding up from the forest preserve, Tylia is the only interested one.
My Bodyguard. nuff said.
Tom is the only one eating hay, he lathered himself up in a limestone mud bath to protect himself from the flies.
Brant and Rosie and Cinnamon, I think.
Killer Kitty on mouse patrol.  Kudos to you Frankie, you have done a wonderful job!!
Weed wackers at work.
Tylia found her new love in Dynamite, I keep trying to break the news to her that he's gay but she so loves him.  HMMMM
Okay not cool!! these are ornamental grasses.
More weed wackin
Get a clue Tylia!
Now this one was funny, not sure if Tylia ever wore a fly mask.  She flipped out when she looked at Tom and Dynamite . Had no clue who they were with masks on.
Really guys!!

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