Thursday, February 21, 2013

Artificial Sun Light

I decided to add some light for the quail. I think it may have been too drafty for them and one of them did not make it when the temperature dropped to the teens and it was very windy. I put a board up to block the wind but that made it very dark in to Menards I go.
I'm not allowed to use incandescent light bulbs in my coops because of the fire hazards. Fluorescent bulbs won't turn on when it's cold out side (and this is the only time I'll need to supply artificial sun light)  The do sell a cold start fluorescent light fixture but $50 is a bit to pricey for me. While wondering Menards I found a LED light bulb!  Perfect, no heat and I can put it in the $5 clamp on light fixture.

I also added some artificial eggs hoping they get the idea :)

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