Monday, July 2, 2012

Eggciting News

I was in a rush to get home from work today because the power has been out for a little over a day now. So my poor chickas didn't have their fan or mister too help keep them cool. Oh, by the way it's like 100°  and the big tree that shades the yard came down in the storm. So I was worried about them all day at work thinking they'd be half dead from heat exhaustion. I bought some ice and water (we're on well & septic so no water either) to put in their waters.
The first thing I did was open the coop door to let the little ones out and there it was, a tiny little brown egg right in the nesting box.
I just assumed it came from Rose because she's the biggest, but there's a black feather in there. Rose is reddish in color. So my next guess would be Margarita, she's the one with the huge comb & wattles.

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